Christina H. Davis
Owner & Founder

My name is Christina H. Davis and I founded Hall Davis Marketing Strategies in 2013. Here’s how I got here:

I attended the University of Connecticut at Storrs and earned a degree in English and journalism. After traveling around the U.S. for about two months in a red Ford Escort with my then boyfriend (now husband) I got my first job in newspapers as a town reporter at a daily paper in Central Connecticut. I lasted all of three months.

I gave it another go and got a job at the Willimantic Chronicle, the last of a dying breed: an independently owned afternoon paper. I had a wonderful time and learned a ton covering education and social services in Willimantic/Windham.

After I burned out on budget and cop stories I went looking for something different and found it at the Hartford Business Journal. I honestly had never even picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal and knew nothing about business. But I had learned as a reporter how to pick things up quickly, and soon I found a passion for covering business.

I worked my way up at the HBJ from editorial assistant to associate editor. After about three years with the paper, I moved up to the Worcester Business Journal and was soon named editor. I came to Worcester covering Central Massachusetts and leading a four-member editorial staff in 2007. In the fall of 2011, I stepped away from my editing duties to raise my son. I then decided to start my own consulting firm, Hall Davis Marketing Strategies, and work with small- to medium-sized businesses in Connecticut. I completed my MBA with a concentration in marketing at the University of Connecticut in 2014.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details on my career path.