Sometimes people think marketing is just running an ad in a local newspaper. But marketing can take many forms and it’s often the culmination of many small efforts that drives leads your way. Below is a list of 50 marketing ideas. Think of it like a menu. Select a few ideas to research and pursue for your business in 2021:

  1. Advertise in a newspaper
  2. Advertise in a magazine
  3. Create a pay-per-click campaign on Google
  4. Create a pay-per-click campaign on Bing
  5. Run a banner ad campaign on Google
  6. Advertise on network TV
  7. Advertise on cable TV
  8. Advertise to cord cutters via streaming services
  9. Create a YouTube channel
  10. Create a Facebook page for your business
  11. Create an Instagram account for your business
  12. Advertise on YouTube
  13. Advertise on Facebook
  14. Advertise on Instagram
  15. Buy a billboard
  16. Run posters on public transit
  17. Run billboards on MetroNorth stations
  18. Create an email newsletter
  19. Advertise on Spotify
  20. Create a branded playlist on Spotify
  21. Advertise on Pandora
  22. Advertise on grocery store shopping carts
  23. Create a brochure
  24. Create a branded folder
  25. Participate in a trade show (in person or virtual)
  26. Join a networking group (in person of virtual)
  27. Create a LinkedIn page for your business
  28. Advertise on public transit buses in your community
  29. Send a postcard to existing customers
  30. Send a postcard to potential new customers via Every-Door-Direct
  31. Contribute content to local media
  32. Send press releases to local media
  33. Post press release on your website
  34. Post press releases on BusinessWire
  35. Create a blog on your website
  36. Set up SEO on your website by using keywords on your page titles, metadata and image alt tags
  37. Participate in a local event as a sponsor
  38. Join a local chamber or business association
  39. Advertise on the radio
  40. Build a referral network with vendors that you routinely work with and respect
  41. Contribute a branded gift basket to a local charity auction
  42. Advertise in local placements for restaurants
  43. Set up a Yelp page for your business
  44. Set up a page on Houzz
  45. Set up an account through the Better Business Bureau
  46. Get your business listed on Google Maps/Google My Business
  47. Print business cards
  48. Sponsor a local kids sports team
  49. Sponsor a sporting event for local professional team
  50. Sponsor a podcast