Key website metrics!!!!

When was the last time you looked at your Google Analytics? ⏱

Before I talk marketing strategy with a client, I always want to look at the Google Analytics for the business website. It tells you so much and can give you a really clear roadmap for what needs to happen to help drive business. 🗺

A lot of business owners get a monthly report from a web developer or marketing agency, but they don’t really absorb the information. As long as numbers are going up, business owners don’t ask questions. 📈

This is a missed opportunity! Website traffic can be up, but the business can still be in trouble. Or conversely, website traffic can be down overall, but organic traffic is up. That’s a good thing! 😊

Here are the top three metrics I always look at:
1️⃣New Users-This is basic. How many people are coming to your site? Look at trends, particularly year-over-year.
2️⃣Top channels-What traffic sources are driving new users? We want to see organic search traffic at the top. If it’s not, start asking questions!!!!
3️⃣Conversion rate-How many people come to your website and actually convert to a lead or buy a product? If you’re spending money advertising on Facebook, but aren’t converting any of those users, something isn’t working!

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